Program of ICMSE 2019

Monday 19th of August

08:15Registration,coffee and tea, install poster
08:45–10:25SESSION 1                                                        
08:45–09:15 Leonard Prins University of Padova (Invited)
“Energy Consumption in Chemical-Fuel Driven Self-Assembly 
09:15–09:45Rein Ulijn – City University of New York (Invited)
“Towards Metabolic Materials”
09:45–10:05Jens Gaitzsch – University of Basel
New pH Responsive Polymeric Nanoparticles for Asymmetric Nanoreactors and Biodegradable Drug Delivery Systems
10:05–10:25 Marieke Veenstra – University of Groningen
Rational Design of Cross-Catalytic Behaviour in a Small Molecule System”
10:40–12:45SESSION 2                                                               
10:40–11:10 Joseph Moran – University of Strasbourg (Invited)
“The Chemical Origins of Biological Metabolism
11:10–11:40Giovanni Pavan – SUPSI (Invited)
“The Beauty of Defects in Dynamic Supramolecular Polymers”
11:40–12:45AWARD LECTURE:             

Helma Wennemers – ETH Zürich
“Controlling Supramolecular Assemblies with Peptidic Scaffolds”
2019 Netherlands Scholar Award for Supramolecular Chemistry 

12:45–14:00Lunch and poster session
14:00–15:30SESSION 3                                            
14:00–14:20 Jeroen Cornelissen – University of Twente
Protein Cages as New Tools for Nanomedicine
14:20–14:40J. Krishnan – Imperial College London
“Systems Engineering Analyses of Information Processing in Natural and Engineered Biological and Chemical Systems
14:40–15:00Sergey Semenov – Weizmann Institute of Science
“Thiolate-Based Autocatalytic Reaction Networks
15:00–15:30Yaakov Benenson –  ETH Zürich (Invited)
“Apps for Cells: from Toys to Therapies”
16:00–18:00SESSION 4                       
16:00–16:15 Shauni Keller – Radboud University
A Versatile Design for Soft Self-Assembled Micromotors
16:15–16:30 Elisabeth WeyandtEindhoven University of Technology
Structural Insights and Chain Length Modulation of Photo-Responsive Supramolecular (Co)Polymers
16:30–16:45Pieter Gilissen – Radboud University
“The Quest for Data Storage on Polymers: Light-controlled Catalysts and ‘SEXSY’ Host/Guest Chemistry
16:45–17:00Andreas Thomas Rösch – Eindhoven University of Technology
“Towards Spintronics-Aided Water Splitting: Chiral Triphenylamine and Squaraines Dyes as Photosensitizers and Directors for Solid State Materials
17:00–17:30Job Boekhoven – Technical University of Munich (Invited)
“Designing Dissipative Supramolecular Materials Inspired by Life
17:30–18:00Sven Panke – ETH  Zürich (Invited)
“Complex In-Vitro Systems – between Design and Evolution
19:30–21:00Drinks and poster session

Tuesday 20th of August

08:15Coffee and tea
08:30–10:30SESSION 5                                             
08:30–08:50 Jaana Vapaavuori – Aalto University
“Supramolecular Photobreathing Zwitterionic Micelles
08:50–09:10Motilal Mathesh – Radboud University
“Light Driven Stomatocyte Nanomotors
09:10–09:30Yoann Cotelle – University of Basel
“Chemical Optimization of Whole-Cell Transfer Hydrogenation Using Carbonic Anhydrase as Host Protein
09:30–10:00Friedrich Simmel – Technical University of Munich (Invited)
“Utilizing Nucleic Acid Strand Displacement Reactions to Program RNA-Based In-Vitro Gene Circuits
10:00–10:30Nathalie Katsonis – University of Twente (Invited)
“How Molecular Chemistry Turns into Motion 
10:30–11:00Break and poster session
11:00–13.10SESSION 6                                       
11:00–11:20 Christopher Scheidler – Technical University of Munich
“Establishing a Genetic Code Expansion System in Bacillus Subtilis
11:20–11:50 Thomas Hermans – University of Strasbourg (Invited)
“Continuously Dissipative Supramolecular Systems and Materials
11:50–12:10Kazushi Kinbara – Tokyo Institute of Technology
“Synthetic Multiblock Molecules Mimicking Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins”
12:10–12:40Thomas R. Ward – University of Basel (Invited)
“Artificial Metalloenzymes for In-Vivo Catalysis: Challenges and Opportunities
12:40–13:10Annette Taylor – University of Sheffield (Invited)
“Bioinspired Films from Active Particles: Role of Feedback
14:10–16:10SESSION 7              
14:10–14:30 Karina Nakashima – Radboud University
“Dynamic Artificial Organelles Fueled by ATP
14:30–14:50Dietmar Appelhans – Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden
“Probing PH-Switchable Enzymatic Nanoreactors by Light-Driven Proton Transfer
14:50–15:10Ignacio Insua – Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
“1D-to-2D Self-Assembly of Cyclic Peptides into Stimuli-Responsive Supramolecular Sheets 
15:10–15:40Christof Sparr – University of Basel (Invited)
“Catalytic Cascade Reactions Inspired by Polyketide Biosynthesis 
15:40–16:10Tom de Greef – Eindhoven University of Technology (Invited)
“A DNA-based Synthetic Apoptosome
16:10–16:15Closing ceremony