Saturday 17th of August

13:00–13:30Registration, coffee and tea, install posters
13:30–13:35Opening and general introduction

Rein Ulijn – City University of New York
“Design Principles for Minimalistic Peptide Materials with Life-Like Functions”

14:20–14:40Pascal A. Pieters – Eindhoven University of Technology
“Characterization of a Noise-Reducing Genetic Circuit”
14:40–15:00Jiawei Sun – Radboud University
“Enzyme-Powered Nanomotors with Controlled Size for Biomedical Applications”
15:00–15:20Johannes Rebelein  – University of Basel
“Whole-Cell Transfer Hydrogenation Using Carbonic Anhydrase as Host Protein for the Construction of Artificial Metalloenzymes”
15:40–17:30Speed dating and poster session
17:30–18:15TUTORIAL LECTURE:       

Chad Mirkin – Northwestern University
“MegaLibraries: Expanding and Exploring the Materials Genome Through High-Throughput Cantilever-free Scanning Probe Lithography”

19:15Dinner, Science Slam and party
at the Waagh, Grote Markt 26, Nijmegen

Sunday 18th of August

09:20–10:20SESSION 2                              
09:20–09:40Noga Gal – Aarhus University – Radboud University
Nanoreactors with Intracellular Catalytic Activity”
09:40–10:00 Guido Panzarasa – ETH Zürich – Radboud University
Why Materials Science needs Systems Chemistry
10:00–10:20William E. Robinson – Radboud University
Understanding Complex Reaction Networks in Prebiotic Chemistry
10:25–11:00Break and poster session
11:00–12:20SESSION 3                    
11:00–11:20 Omer Markovitch – University of Groningen
Speciation-like Diversification in a System of Self–Replicating Macro-Cycles
11:20–11:40 Aleksandr Pogodaev – Radboud University Exploring Modular Design of Enzymatic Reaction Networks
11:40–12:00Guanglu Wu –  University of Cambridge
Discrete Fluorophore Dimers Constrained by Multiple Cucurbit[8]uril Clampings 
12:00–12:20Dhanya Babu – University of Twente
Mutualism between Autocatalysis and Protocell Motion 
12:20–14:00Lunch and poster session
14:00–15:00SESSION 4                                     
14:00–14:20 Alessandro Castrogiovanni  – University of Basel
“Catalyst-Controlled Stereodivergent Synthesis of Atropisomeric Multiaxis Systems” 
14:20–14:40Marcin Ślęczkowski – Eindhoven University of Technology
“Rebellion and Dictatorship as Signs of Mirror Symmetry Breaking in Supramolecular Polymers”
14:40–15:00 Nishant Singh – Strasbourg University
Pathway Dependency and Catalytic Control in Transient Non-Equilibrium Supramolecular Systems
15:00–15:45  TUTORIAL LECTURE:

Helma Wennemers – ETH Zürich
“Bioinspired Asymmetric Catalysis with Peptides”